Capeverdean Music : Amor & Melodia - Yah-Yass

1 - Disorientado (CaboZouk)
2 - Funaná ta mata'm (Funaná rapicado)
3 - Injúria (CaboZouk)
4 - Minina bonita (Batuco)
5 - Nha bida (Funaná lento)
6 - Festival na Djadsal (Pilada)
7 - Consedjos (CaboZouk)
8 - Uniôn (Funaná/funky)
9 - Bombona (Tabanca/Dance)
10 - Paz & amor (Funaná sambado)

Yáh-Yass Productions P.O.Box-O1O Espargos-Sal,CV

YAH-YASS presents us “Amor & Melodia”

YAH-YASS, is a capeverdean singer, bass player, song writer and also manager and producer. In the 80’s he made part of the founders of the mythical capeverdean band “FINAÇON”, recording the two first albums of the group, being “Horizonte” in 1985 and “Rabecindadi” in 1987. Among other experiences, including the Jazz Band “Oasis”, he already had opportunity to perform with many of the most important capaverdean artists such as Cesaria Evora, Tito Paris, Paulino Vieira, Bana, Ildo Lobo and others. In 1994, with the guitarist JLSSpencer and the Keyboard player K-laudio, he founded in the Island of Sal, the group “TRIO SALGADO”, recording the album “Cabo Paraiso” which bacame a great hit in Cape Verde with the video-clip “Dez ilhas na Mar”, a song written and composed by himself. As manager and producer, he co-produced and directed in 1999 the “1st Festival of the Capeverdean Violin” and a Forum About the Capeverdean Music. In 2000, he participated as musician, manager, producer and also with lyrics and music, in the first album of the great capeverdean singer, Magda Evora, entitled “Amor Infinito” which also became a hit. Now he presents us his first solo album “Amor & Melodia” or “Love & Melody”, wich occupied for two consecutive weeks the position n.º 1 on the program “Top Criol” of the National Radio of Cape Verde.
ENJOY IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yah-yass discography:

  • - 1985 - Horizonte - with the band FINAÇON
  • - 1987 - Rabecindadi - with the band FINAÇON
  • - 1997 - Cabo Paraiso - with the band TRIO SALGADO
  • - 2000 - Amor Infinito - with the singer MAGDA EVORA
  • - 2001 - Amor Amor - with the singer Ana Lopes (Participation)
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