Capeverdean Singer
Maria de Barros

from the Capeverdean comunity of USA

Capeverdean Music
" Maria de Barros "
nha mundo

Capeverdean Music
" Maria de Barros "
Dança Ma Mi


The oldest of five children, de Barros moved with her family as a teenager to Providence, Rhode Island, where her grandparents lived. Then as now, New England had many immigrant communities from Cabo Verde, and the teen singer performed with many bands featuring compatriots from the homeland. Later, de Barros married and moved to Los Angeles, which exposed her to a potpourri of rhythms and enriched her musical experience. There she developed a love for Latin music, and soon thereafter started singing in Spanish, one of the six languages that de Barros speaks. At the same time, de Barros continued to perform on both coasts with old and new Cape Verdean musicians.

Five-time Grammy® nominee Cesaria Evora, the “barefoot diva”, helped to place the music of Cape Verde on U.S. audiences’ musical map. Evora’s ongoing encouragement led to her god-daughter fashioning her own lively and vivacious interpretation of Cape Verdean music. Together, Evora — the Queen of the Mornas — and de Barros — Queen of the Coladeiras — paint a complete musical picture of this tradition-rich land.

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