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S.VICENTE is roughly rectangular with o surface area of 227 Km2. From east to west it measures 24 Km and from north to south no more than 16 Km. Although volcanic in origin, the island is quite flat. Its highest point is MONTE VERDE with an altitude of 774 m. Although a great amount of erosion has taken place, some craters still remain; in particular the bay of MINDELO.


Discovered on St.Vincents Day (the 22nd of January), in 1462, the island remained practically uninhabited until the middle of the XIX century. It was only in 1838, when a coal deposit was established in PORTO GRANDE to supply ships on the Atlantic routes, that the population started to grow. Due to the lack of rain and consequent lack of natural resources, the economy of S.Vicente is based mainly on commerce and services. The town of MINDELO was named in honour of the liberal troops who disembarked on the beach of the some name in the north of Portugal.
MINDELO became an important port as it was a stopping point for ships from all over the world and sailors of many nationalities met together in the local bars and cafés. At the same time, the town became on important cultural centre where music, literature and sports were encouraged and developed.

Cultural Events
Religious and other Festivals

CARNAVAL - Carnaval celebrations in MINDELO are the most animated in the whole Archipelago. Carnaval here has its roots in the Portuguese celebrations and at the some time has also absorbed some Brazilian characteristics. However, its own particular qualities, manifest in the lively and colourful processions, are what make it so special.

FESTIVAL AT BAIA DAS GATAS - This festival takes place during one weekend in August, when there is a full moon. It initially started on the beoch "Praia das Gatas" with a few friends meeting together to play and compose music.
It grew progressively until the present day, when it is a renowned musical event. Apart from the national and international bands and groups, there is also horseracing, nautical sports and other cultural programmes.

THEATRE FESTIVAL (MINDELACT) - The International Meeting of Amateur Theatre Groups takes place every year in September.


Through the National Handicraft Centre and a number of workshops, the local handicraft of S.Vicente has begun to recuperate; particularly in the practice of weaving very distinct fabrics. Ceramics, batik, articles made from coconut shells and necklaces made from shells and stones are also other examples now to be found on the island.

Food and Drink

There are many local specialities in S.Vicente, the base of which are often shellfish. "Arroz de cabidela de marisco à dadal", which is a special shellfish dish made with rice, "guisado de percebes" or grilled lobster. Tasty local dishes and sweetmeats as well as international food are also available.

Entertainment and Sport

All the local sports have their roots in S.Vicente, and it was from here that they spread to the other islands.
The more recent sports, like windsurfing for example, have excellent facilities here. The beach of São Pedro is considered to be one of the best for windsurfing as many international champions have discovered.
For those who prefer a calmer life, a long restful walk along the coastal road is an excellent alternative. One can also have a view of "Monte Cara" (the Face Mountain) which is so called due to the great resemblance it does in fact have to a human face, porticularly at sun set. Cycling and horseback riding are other forms of entertainment to choose from in S.Vicente.
The English presence in the island has also left its mark in sports, particularly in golf. An excellent field of 18 holes constitutes a good alternative for lovers of this pastime.

Places to Visit

Mindelo has well laid out streets and examples af English architecture. There are monuments from colonial times and a beautiful avenue running along the length of the shore.
Night life is animoted by the swaying rhythm of the local music in the bars and discotheques.

This beautiful bay, a ten minute car drive away, is a magnificent natural pool surrounded by unusual and quite beautiful scenery.

Near the airport, this magnificent beach offers marvellous conditions for the practice of nautical sports.

Porto do Calhau is reached by crossing the island in an east/west direction, on a road that passes between two extinct volcanos and a well preserved crater. En route, it is interesting to stop at the Caves of Topim and also visit the nearby beach. The small, mainly agricultural forms that supply the town are also interesting to see.

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